Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you will find my original creations and other things.

I go by CSVidal, and sometimes Forlorn or ForlornLament. I am on Tumblr, Instagram, TikTok, Toyhouse, and several game sites, so feel free to say hi if you see me there.

21/Sep/2023 New art in "Scenes"! And the site has a custom cursor now.
19/Sep/2023 I made a new page about my cats.
16/Sep/2023 I made more alien cat pixel adoptables. See pixels page.
15/Sep/2023 New fanfics page with 3 stories. Also a new 'links' page.
13/Sep/2023 Added a guestbook and several translations of Japanese song lyrics.
12/Sep/2023 A new adoptable pixel has been added! Plus a visitor counter.
7/Sep/2023 All main areas of the website are complete. Check the "Pixels" page for a free adoptable. More will be added soon.
4/Sep/2023 The site is still under construction, but the basics and some completed pages are up. I'm currently working on adding content.
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