✾Abyss Bloom✾

  • Name: CSVidal
  • Birthyear: 1993
  • Country: Portugal
  • Languages: Portuguese; English; (simple) Japanese
  • Dream Job: Illustrator
  • Default Mood: Tired
  • Likes: beautiful things; horror movies; shoujo anime/manga; otome games; short stories; fairytales; alternative fashion; sweets; debates
  • Dislikes: lies; noise; hot weather; antitheism; slapstick comedy; perverts; minimalism; most foods (unfortunately)

I am a primarily traditional illustrator aiming to create beautiful works. I believe being surrounded by beautiful things can lift one's spirits. I would describe my art style as semi-realistic, inspired by manga styles, Art Nouveau, and alternative fashion.

I am also a strange person who doesn't really fit in anywhere, be it mainstream or niche. It seems my opinions and preferences are always unpopular. I have learned to accept that.

Regarding this website... I find most websites nowadays make the same dry and boring design choices. The old web had more character, even if those pages did not fit today's standard of a "professional-looking" website. Inspired by the Web Revival movement, I decided to build this site the way I want to, not worrying about others' expectations.

I usually use this avatar on social media. I drew it myself.
Active Socials: Instagram | Art Tumblr | Itch.io

  • Anime
    Amnesia Another Corrector Yui Kamigami no Asobi Shingeki no Kyojin

  • Manga
    Bleach A Man and His Cat

  • Movies
    The Thing Star Wars series Cube trilogy Maleficent The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Books
    The Secret Garden Edgar Allan Poe's works

  • Games
    • Otome
      Amnesia: Memories Absolute Alchemical Potion Cinders Dot Kareshi series Guardian of the Future Let's Not Stay Friends Locked Heart Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side series
    • RPG
      Avalon Code Dragon Age: Inquisition Knights of the Old Republic duology Rune Factory series The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    • Others
      Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series The Sims 4

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