Renault has been with me since I was 18 years old. She is a small tuxedo cat with a half-pink, half-black nose. One of her favorite things to do is sitting in sunny windowsills.

Renault does not like other cats and is afraid of any humans from outside of the household. She is also afraid of the vaccum cleaner. And fireworks. And crinkly plastic. And most things, really. A de facto 'scaredy cat', if you will.

In spite of being wary of other people, Renault is very sweet towards me. She often follows me around the house and will start purring when I talk to her.

If I stay out for more than a couple hours, she will immediately demand cuddles upon my return! Although she can be a bit clingy, it's fine because she is my baby and I love her very much.


Picasso - named after a Citroën model, not the 20th century painter - is a white and black cat. He showed up as a stray kitten, and clung to my mother as she was coming home one day. He was starving and emaciated at the time, but is now a round and fluffy adult.

Since he cannot be together with Renault, Picasso stays in an office on the ground floor. This is ideal for him, however, because his favorite thing in life is making friends. Even though he doesn't go very far, he is already a celebrity in our street - everyone knows him. Be it humans or other cats, he wants everyone to play with him!

This friendliness is also how he came to be kidnapped. Twice.