I am not really a fanfic writer, but I did write these three one-shots based on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. These are centered around my custom player characters from both games, Revan and Lysia Daak (the Exile). Originally posted on my fandom Tumblr.

This Is Goodbye
The final conversation between Revan and the Exile after Malachor. Written from Lysia's point of view.

The One Behind Your Mask
After the end of KOTOR:TSL, the Exile tracks down Revan in the Unknown Regions, and convinces her to come back to the galaxy and join forces to fight the upcoming threat. Written from Lysia's point of view.

Stories Better Not Told
A companion/follow-up piece to "The One Behind Your Mask", written from Revan's point of view.

Female | Scout/Sentinel | Dark Side
Ship: Revalek
+ game choices: killed Bendak in final dueling match // killed Juhani // kept the gizka as pets // sided with the wookies against Czerka slavers // became Swoop Racing champion // destroyed Republic facilities to save the giant firaxan shark // sided with Master Uthar // rejected Carth’s confession.

Lysia Daak (Exile)
Female | Guardian/Master | Light Side
Ship: Exile/Atton
+ game choices: did not destroy Peragus II // sided with the Ithorians against Czerka // recruited the Disciple and Mira // became Pazaak champion // helped the settlers in Dantooine // sided with Queen Talia // agreed to have her connection to the Force severed // spared Atris.